Expressing yourself is an important part of living a full life.

But when repeated facial expressions give the lines between your eyebrows, on your forehead and around your eyes a permanent place, you may be inadvertently sending the wrong signals. Frown lines can give the impression that you are angry or unhappy, and can make you appear older than you are. But with Jeuveau, these lines don’t have a place on your face.

Jeuveau is the first aesthetic-only neuromodulator approved by the FDA, formulated specifically for improving the appearance of frown lines temporarily. While the duration of the results varies, most patients should see results including softened lines and smoothed wrinkles for three to six months.

Patients report little to no pain with Jeuveau treatments which means downtime is not necessary. Trust the experts at Swan Dermatology & Aesthetics to help you find another reason to smile with Jeuveau.