Cosmetic Products

For healthy skin that looks as good as it feels, Swan Dermatology & Aesthetics offers prescription products that can help you manage your skin care needs between appointments. Our team will work with you to select the best products for your unique skin-care needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Featured Rx Products


Upneeq is the only FDA-approved prescription eyedrop to treat acquired ptosis (low-lying lids). Upneeq eyedrops strengthen the muscle that lifts the eyelid, so the upper eyelid opens more and you see more of the iris (colored part of the eyeball). It’s great on its own to give a more alert/awake look. However, using it in conjunction with injectables or devices provides total rejuvenation for more youthful-looking eyes.Just 1 drop in each eye – results are seen within 10 mins of application and last 8 hours. Contacts can be worn 15 mins after applying the drops. Upneeq can be used daily or for special occasions.


LATISSE™ solution is an FDA approved, prescription treatment for hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough eyelashes) used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker. It has been studied in clinical trials to demonstrate its safety and effectiveness. LATISSE™ increases the length and number of eyelash hairs. Its onset is gradual with many users noticing a significant improvement after two months.


RENOVA® is the only FDA approved topical tretinoin for reducing fine facial lines. It has a light, non-greasy formulation, and is gentler and less irritating than many other topical prescription therapies. RENOVA® may work to stimulate the retinoic acid receptor that is naturally found in your own body. Tretinoin is believed to work by gradually increasing procollagen 1 pro-peptide production.

RENOVA® is backed by years of rigorous testing for safety and effectiveness, and is an FDA approved treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Patients experienced improvements after 24 weeks. Results increase over time with significant improvement at 52 weeks.

Swan Dermatology & Aesthetics is pleased to offer several lines of safe and trusted cosmetic products designed to enhance your natural beauty. Swan Dermatology & Aesthetics only carries products we believe in, and many members of our team use these very products. Contact us today to speak with our dedicated Cosmetic Concierge or to schedule a consultation.


  • EltaMD UV Daily SPF 40
  • EltaMD UV Physical SPF 41
  • EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46
  • EltaMD UV Lip Balm SPF 31
  • EltaMD UV Sport SPF 50


  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Lotion Lite
  • Lotion Lite Plus
  • Hydrotone Lite
  • Body Lotion 10


  • Avene Hydrance
  • Avene Thermal Spring Water
  • Avene Compact Beige
  • Avene Compact Honey
  • Avene Retrinal 0.1%


  • Obagi Nu-Derm Hydrate
  • Obagi Nu-Derm Sun Shield Matte


  • Eryfotona Actinic Emulsion
  • Eryfotona Ageless Tinted Emulsion


  • Bodifirm
  • Teamine Eye Complex
  • Brightening Facial Wash
  • Nectifirm
  • Nectifirm ADVANCED
  • Intellishade Original SPF 45
  • Intellishade Matte SPF 45
  • Intellishade TruPhysical
  • DEJ Eye Cream
  • Vitamin C Lotion 15%
  • C+ Correcting Complex 30%
  • Pore Purifying Mask
  • Hydrating Serum

Revision Skincare

Revision Skincare® products deliver benefits patients can see, as part of a rejuvenating regimen or enhancements to in-office procedures.


  • CE Ferulic
  • A.G.E. Interrupter
  • A.G.E. Eye Complex
  • Hydrating B-5 Gel
  • Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier
  • Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50
  • Phyto Corrective Gel


  • CLn Body Wash
  • Lumisque CO2 Lift
  • Nutrafol
  • Jane Iredale